AMI system AMI system

AMI promises better user experience, quality, and operating efficiency

DONSUN AMI Solution empowers utilities to manage routine and critical data collection system and operations, offloading the burden of day-to-day

management tasks and freeing utility staff to focus on gaining more benefits and capabilities from their systems.


High Availability

Donsun AMI system is designed to help utilities to fully leverage meter data, this innovative highly available system can provide uninterrupted operation in any transaction, which help to simplify the operations that are critical to improved performance and productivity.


DONSUN AMI system offers flexible network and capacity at customer’s choice, so it is affordable to even small and private project owners. The scalability of the system vertically and horizontally helps the customer to focus on the key data cares about and key revenue for a utility.


Following the latest international standards, Donsun AMI system provides the capability for multiple meter readings and data exchanging, enabling the seamless data integration by the utility and customer, eliminating the need of manual manipulation of data and improving the data security implemented in all level.

Theoretical Introduction

The AMI system developed by DONSUN considers the benefit for both the utility company and the end user which promises better user experience, quality, and operating efficiency while reducing consumption, and operating costs.


The system integrates


  • Bidirectional communication

  • Electricity control (switch off / on)

  • Postpaid or prepaid metering

  • Automatic bill collection


DONSUN AMI system offers both prepaid and postpaid billing solution. The data management system will provide the data exchange interface to the electricity bill system. In postpaid billing system, electricity providing company can detect user whose bill is due, and the system will also remind the user to pay bill on time automatically if the bill is in due. The automated system will remotely switch off the electricity through AMI system when it finds out the bill is in due, and will switch on the electricity when the bill is paid.


DONSUN AMI system consists of Smart meter, communication modules, DCU (Data Concentrator Unit), Head End System (MDCS), Meter Data Management System (MDMS), Database, and Server.
For communication module, DONSUN has now 4 solutions

1. GSM-GPRS only

2. G3-PLC communication module with DCU (GSM-GPRS)

3. Wi-Fi / BLE mesh with GSM-GPRS module

4. LoRa

DONSUN provides communication module according to client requirement.

In GSM only option all the meters connect to the HES directly by GSM-GPRS technology. This solution is ideal for places where the cellular network is strong.

In LoRa RF network, up to 1000 meter within 2 KM open space can be connected to LoRa gateway and from LoRa gateway, 1000 meters data can be sent to HES/MDMS system using GSM or Ethernet or optical line.
All these solutions offer Ad-hoc capability. With this capability, a new meter can be installed within a quick time lapse and with ease.