Ethernet Communications Hub for Smart Metering Devices

The DSC100 is an integrated communication hub for smart metering solutions developed by DONSUN. This DCU provides an upstream interface using Ethernet. It also provides exchangeable plug-and-play communication interface to communicate with other downstream meters. The module provides DLMS/COSEM communication to the meter via the upstream interface.

DLMS/COSEM Compliance


The DCU is closely integrated with DONSUN’s smart DS1600 and DS3600 meters. The DCU communicates with the meter via DLMS/COSEM. The meter communication module can be used to interface and connect to the DSC100 using DLMS/COSEM.

Key Features

Automatic network installation, configuration, management
Uplink communication can be via GPRS modem & Ethernet connection Downlink communication can be through PLC/RS485/RF
The modem complies with the G3-PLC standard 
Standard meter reading protocols: DLMS, COSEM
Flexible network protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, IPsec, SSH, TLS Equipped with a super capacitor to support the final report Integrated network server for parameterized diagnostics  
Supports meter, modem remote & local firmware updates Support meter automatic registration


DSC100 offers high security with various useful security features. The meter stores all registration and configuration data to nonvolatile memory. All data is retained for the life of the DCU. Recordable security features are provided.


Meter are compliant to IEC 62055-31, having an ingress protection of IP54 to IEC 60529 and comply with EMC standard IEC 50081-1.


The DCU allows for multiple DS smart meters and third-party meters to be connected on one communication network.

Using gateway access, it is possible to read out all the meters in the same network via one data collection unit.


Technical Data DSC100
Host meter DS1600 & DS3600 poly phase electricity meter
Local access communication technology PLC, RF, LoRATM IEC62056-21 directly to smart meter
WAN – upstream communication technology Ethernet - DHCP & static IP - IPv4
WAN – upstream protocol IEC62056-21 directly to E-meter (gateway functionality of the module)
HAN – downstream communication technology M-bus
Disconnect control M-bus meter disconnect
Firmware upgrade Module firmware upgrade over WAN or optical interface
Fraud detection Terminal cover removal detection Meter main cover removal detection
Security DLMS/COSEM security according to IDIS Package 2 M-bus security: AES 128 bit
Human-machine interface 5 LED’s
- Valid IP- DLMS communication- E-meter communication
- M-bus- Firmware heartbeat-1 push button
Power supply 100VAC - 15% ... 230VAC +15% 50Hz -5% ... 60Hz +5% Powered from one of below options:
- Phase L1 and the neutral on the E-meter, before the E-meter counters.
- Phase L1 and L2 on the E-meter, before the E-meter counters.
Wired M-bus EN 13757-2 (2002) EN 13757-3 (2004)
Housing Material: polycarbonate, flame-retardant, self-extinguishing, recyclable. < 0.2 kg
Environment Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C Storage temperature:
-40°C to +70°C Humidity: 0% to 95%, non-condensing