Customer Interface Unit

DSD100 introduced by DONSUN Technology is capable of the full STS prepayment functionality. Customers are now able to have better monitoring over their energy consumption remotely.
DSD100 is compatible with all prepayment energy meters of DONSUN, providing different communications with the meter over Radio Frequency, PLC (SFSK/OFDM), wire cable or other defined method by the Utility.



It is automatically connected to the meter after the matching code is input via its built-in keypad.


The DSD100 provides various options of alarm and alert to the customer relating to meter status and consumption. The 3 LED indicators on its front panel gives intuitive information to the customer to keep aware of the consumption level, balance credit, meter tamper and power outage, whilst it also makes active buzzer alarm when acute event occurs as low credit, over load or tampering.


The CIU is compliant to IEC 62055-31, having an ingress protection of IP54 to IEC 60529 and comply with EMC standard IEC 50081-1.


The large size LCD of DSD100 can be configured by the customer to display English characters or OBIS identification codes. An optional battery can support the display during power outages.


Item Description
Network 1 Phase 2 Wires network
Nominative standard IEC 62052-11 IEC 62056-21
Reference voltage Un=220-240V, L-N
Operating voltage Range 70%-120%Un
Reference frequency 50/60Hz +/- 5%
Power consumption Voltage circuit <1W, <2.5VA Current circuit < 0.25VA @ Imax
Temperature Operation: -40º to + 55º C Storage: -40º to + 85º C
Enclosure IP54 IEC 60529:1989
Communication Radio, PLC (SFSK/OFDM), Wire