Three Phase Smart Energy Meter

DS3100 is a highly accurate, robust, system ready meter that is ideally suited for commercial and light industrial metering applications. With its standard communication protocol, DS3100 meter can be integrated into any metering system. DS3100 can be easily upgraded and offers our customers the flexibility to keep pace with their changing metering requirements and business growth.

Design Brief


Meter is designed for customers which require complex billing data. It is built with exchangeable battery with an independent seal for both RTC display at power off. Its bountiful data complies with standard DLMS protocol, as well as mechanically compliant to IEC 60529, having ingress protection of IP54 and comply with EMC standard IEC 50081-1.

Basic Feature


The DS3100 can operate as a stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive AMR/AMI metering system via a variety of external communication modules. 
Batteries for Clock & Calendar back up can is replaceable to extend the service life of the meter, whereas the battery chamber is sealed to prevent unauthorized opening.
The meter is available in a number of variants that measure active energy, four quadrant reactive energy and kVA.


DS3100 offers multiple anti-tampering and advanced security features that ensures revenue protection for our customers. The site diagnostic capability continuously monitors the service, verifying that all phases are present and that the wiring configuration is correct. Adverse or abnormal conditions, such as phase outages and reverse energy events, are logged.

Metering Security

DS3100 offers high security and detects many of the most commonly used tamper techniques

including the neutral missing connection.The display has large easy to read characters with information

identified by OBIS. Security data can be included as part of the display sequence and read via the communication ports.



DS3100 can be configured by the customer to display English characters or OBIS identification codes.

An optional battery can support the display during power outages.


Item Description
Network 3 Phase 4 Wires network
Nominative standard IEC 62052-11
IEC 62053-21
IEC 62053-24
IEC 62056-21
Accuracy class Class 1.0 as per IEC 62053-21
Class 1.0 as per IEC 62053-24
Reference voltage Un=3x22-240/380-415V, L-N
Operating voltage Range 70%-120%Un
Basic current Ib=5A
Maximum current Imax up to 100A
Starting current Ist=0.4%Ib
Reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz +/- 5%
Power consumption Voltage circuit <1W, <2.5VA
Current circuit < 0.25VA @ Imax
Temperature Operation: -40º to + 55º C
Storage: -40º to + 85º C
Enclosure IP54 IEC 60529:1989
Communication Local: Optical, RS-485
Item Description
8 Time-of-Use (TOU) registers
4 Maximum demand (MD) registers
48 Switching times
4 Seasons
12 Change of season dates
32 Exclusion dates
12 End of billing dates