Single Phase Smart Prepayment Meter

DS1600 meter from DONSUN Technology provides an effective and reliable solution for smart prepayment metering for domestic consumers. It offers modular communications as PLC, 3G/GPRS, RF Mesh to interface directly to the utility via WAN or LAN and to connect to a consumer's Home Automation Network (HAN).



DS1600 provides modular communication platforms, including GSM/GPRS, PLC and Low Power Radio for WAN/LAN communications. Options for HAN communications can be included each as M-Bus or ZigBee.

All methods of communication allow the meter registers and security data to be read electronically from a laptop, hand-held device or by HES remotely, greatly reducing the possibility of manual meter reading errors. The same data is available via the meter auxiliary terminals and the exchangeable communication module.

Basic Feature

Additional Feature

Configurable TOU measurement

IEC 62056-21 optical communications and serial communications

Exchangeable modules configured for:

- PLC/RF Mesh


Maximum demand, Voltage and current instrumentation values registration


The internal contactor can be disconnected locally or remotely by the Utility. It can be driven directly or driven by the meter at load limiting thresholds, credit expiry or defined events occurrence.

STS/CTS Compliance

DS1600 adopts the latest STS/CTS standards for prepayment. It offers high-security features including main and terminal

cover removal detection and magnetic field manipulation detection protect the meter and module from fraud or tampering.


DS1600 can be configured by the customer to display English characters or OBIS identification codes.

An optional battery can support the display during power outages.


Item Description
Network 1 Phase 2 Wires network
Nominative standard IEC 62052-11
IEC 62053-21
IEC 62053-24
IEC 62055-31
IEC 62055-41
IEC 62055-51
IEC 62055-52
IEC 62056-21
Basic current Ib=5A
Maximum current Imax up to 80A
Starting current Ist=0.4%Ib
Reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz +/- 5%
Power consumption Voltage circuit <1W, <2.5VA Current circuit < 0.25VA @ Imax
Temperature Operation: -40º to + 55º C
Storage: -40º to + 85º C
Enclosure IP54 IEC 60529:1989
Communication Local: Optical, RS-485
Item Description
8 Time-of-Use (TOU) registers
4 Maximum demand (MD) registers
48 Switching times
4 Seasons
12 Change of season dates
32 Exclusion dates
12 End of billing dates
Independent day control
Daylight saving
Deferred tariff