Be transformed to embrace the future smart grid.

DONSUN is a dedicated and agile team, keen on innovation and providing the most

optimal products and solution to utilities, power companies, and partners.

We are determined to improve our customers’ business resilience to be future smart grid ready,

while empowering our customers to lower the cost of smart metering pioneering and exploration.

DONSUN is helping the customers not just with the adoption of new technology like Smart

Meter and AMI, but also the transformation of business logic and the new way of working to

meet the challenge of future energy distribution.

  • People Oriented

    We are enthusiastic about the success of our customers. There is no better guarantee of our own success than making our customers successful in what they do. We collaborate with customers to strengthen their success and implement with excellence relentlessly.

  • Product Committed

    We are committed to providing the most optimal smart metering product and solution to our customers and partners, technically and commercially. Our core business is to

    enhance the revenue of our customers and improve the satisfaction of end users.

  • Prosperity Pledged

    We continue to find ways to work better together with our partners – including

    our customers, suppliers, and communities. The power of these strong relationships builds trust

    and enables us to maximize our positive impact on future smart metering.

Our product, solution, and service are certificated with the latest international

standards as one of the world's leading suppliers of instruments and technical solutions.
It’s nice to feel appreciated!

STS Association Membership Certificate

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate

Three Phase Meter STS Certificate

DST DLMS Certificate Membership 2018

Meter Firmware Copyright Registration Certificate

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